SA Tourism

Photo: South African Tourism

Watch: Tourism advert celebrates SA as part of global brand campaign

South African Tourism has embarked on a ‘brand re-awakening journey’ with an advert that celebrates everyday South Africans.

SA Tourism

Photo: South African Tourism

In a scene that plays out at schools nationwide, young children race down a flight of stairs. Some are fast, leaping down multiple steps at a time, others are more steady — carefully jumping from one to the next. What they have in common is the excitement to get wherever they’re going. 

Their enthusiasm is palpable, and in their new video which opens with these children, South African Tourism hopes it’ll be inspirational.

Advert aims to create demand for travel

The advert is part of an initiative to create demand for tourist travel to and within South Africa and also influence the removal of travel “barriers” to South Africa. Hopes are that both citizens and visitors will have the joy and energy portrayed in the video.

“It was important for us to start this brand journey by firstly reminding South Africans of who we are, of creating conversation and of re-invigorating the national psyche,” South African Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona said on the Bizcommunity website.

At the same time, we have created this initial work to be true to our essence and identity so as to connect with international and domestic audiences based on what they have been telling us through their experiences of our country and through our insights and analysis.”

First in series to call South Africa to ‘collective action’

The advert will be flighted on local TV and across digital platforms over the next three months. It features images of everyday South Africans, backed up by an emotive script that delves into the diverse, colourful and textured nature of who we are as South Africans.

An inspirational soundtrack composed by local musicians, sets the tone for this celebration of the country’s shared humanity and connections.

According to Ntshona, it’s the first in a series of communications in the brand re-awakening journey designed to call South Africa to collective action .

”It is our way of starting the decade boldly and with a strong focus on inspiring South Africans as an integral part of delivering the tourism brand promise.”