House on the Hill horror game

Gaming: You can choose your nightmare in ‘House on The Hill’

Early access release of horror game ‘House on The Hill’ on Steam is getting attention and rave reviews from players.

House on the Hill horror game

Steppe Hare Studio’s new early access release on Steam, House on The Hill, has garnered attention. Currently available for R58 on Steam, the horror game so far has very positive reviews with a 9 out of 10-star rating.

Players will be happy to know that if  they buy it on early access, they receive the full game upon its release.

When do we get the full ‘House on The Hill’?

The final version of House on The Hill is due to release in September. The early access game was released earlier this year so developers could get some feedback.

The developers plan to make use of the Steam community feedback to improve the game. This way they can find out which storylines are working, and what they need to add or remove from the game.

Will the full version be different?

As it stands, the early access version seems to be a sample of the full game. This means that the full version is likely to change a lot.

The developers will add more scenes and events to contribute to the atmosphere of the game. Also, storylines within the game will expand and endings will change to give players more interesting gameplay.

House on the Hill horror game

So, what is ‘House on The Hill’ about?

In the game, you play a young thief with a struggling family looking for the next job. Your partner has convinced you to steal a rare jewel from an old mansion as your final heist.

Your partner is your only companion throughout the game. He offers you tips and comments on your surroundings through the help of a digital earpiece. Your goal is to break into the house on the hill, a deserted Victorian mansion.

However, House on The Hill has a very important and intriguing element in its dynamic storyline. Each time you enter the house, you face a different story.

There are four chapters that you get to play through, and the choices you make push each one forward.

Each time, you must face off against a different monster. These range from a gas-mask-wearing psychopath to a huge monstrosity from another dimension and are pretty scary.

As the game unfolds the player discovers more about the monsters chasing him or her.

House on the Hill crypt horror game

What is the gameplay like?

Since the game basically rewinds each time you finish a chapter, it can begin to feel repetitive. Therefore, some chapters introduce puzzles and unique mechanics into the gameplay.

These puzzles are the perfect level of difficulty. They are enough to feel like you have earned an achievement while not feeling frustratingly impossible. Plus, your partner is happy to offer you some tips on the puzzle to help you progress along.

Overall, the game has some flaws which are sure to be fixed in the full version. There are some spelling errors and the main character’s speed causes a bit of lag.

However, it is a great horror game to give a chance. Just keep in mind that is still under development.