WWE Smackdown Live: Results, h

WWE Smackdown Live: Results, highlights and live stream for 26 September 2018

WWE Smackdown Live is coming at ya fierce and fast. Here’s what to expect. You can also check out the highlights and the results right after it happened.

WWE Smackdown Live: Results, h

Smackdown may be the land of opportunity, but the last few weeks have shown it’s also the land of betrayal and opportunists.

As we head towards the Super Showdown in Australia, there’s hell to pay for many a superstar with one thing on their mind. Revenge.

Up first tonight  is another installment of Miz Tv…oh no, wait it’s Truth TV…R-Truth and Carmella (sporting dark hair), now known as The Fabulous Truth are in the ring mocking The Miz. Their first guest is, Daniel Bryan. They ask “D” a question, but take a quick dance break. Bryan talks about how cathartic it would be to beat Miz. Miz has heard enough, and comes out to interrupt. Miz first addresses Truth asking what his up to. A huge Truth TV chant breaks out. The Miz continues to talk about his dominance over Bryan. Truth “banneds” Miz from Truth TV for life. Truth challenges Miz to fight for the right to have a show. But first, a dance break. Miz furiously heads backstage to complain to Paige. She says if he wants Truth TV gone, he must fight R-Truth.

The Miz vs R-Truth with Carmella

Result: The Miz pins R-Truth after a running knee to keep Miz TV alive.

We get a look back to earlier in the day where Becky Lynch destroyed Charlotte during a photo shoot. The crowd chants for Becky after seeing the footage.

Big E with The New Day vs Sheamus with Cesaro

Result: Sheamus pins Big E after a Brogue Kick.

Rusev Day heads to the ring. Rusev and Lana call out Aiden English, they demand an explanation. Aiden English obliges and heads to the stage. He says this is not his fault, he made Rusev Day what it is. And shows some video evidence of all he did to make Rusev Day popular. After the video the crowd chants Rusev Day. Aiden says that’s exactly what happened since WrestleMania, but the person who ruined it all was…Lana. He shows some more video evidence. Lana responds saying she was the one who got Rusev a tank and made him CRUSH people. A “Lana is the best, Lana number 1” chant starts. Aiden agrees, and say Lana is the best…but will she tell Rusev about that one night in Milwaukee, and then leaves. A “holy sh!t” chant starts up.

The discussion continues backstage with Rusev trying to figure out when last they were in Milwaukee. Lana tells him to drop it, but they’re interrupted by Becky Lynch who stirs the pot a bit. Lana tells Becky to stay out of it, but Becky tells her to watch her mouth before she puts her down like she did with Charlotte. More great work by Becky.

The IIconics are out for guest commentary for our next match.

Asuka and Naomi vs Mandy Rose and Sonya De Ville

Result: Asuka wins with a double kick on Sonya De Ville.

United States Championship Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tye Dillinger

Result: Dillinger wins by DQ when Randy Orton interferes, and absolutely destroys the Perfect 10.

Backstage Lana tells Rusev they know Aiden’s a liar. Rusev agrees and says he’s frustrated. Lana gets ready for her match.

Mike Rome catches up with the Viper Randy Orton to find out why he attacked Tye Dillinger, Randy’s response he that he just can’t stay that Perfect 10 crap. Fair enough.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs Lana

Result: Becky Lynch submits Lana with the Dis-arm-her.

Aiden English is backstage, and he tells Kyla Braxton that next week, he will show video evidence of what happened in Milwaukee.

Smackdown General Manager Paige is in the ring, and she explains the reason behind the No DQ, No Countout match between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles at Super Showdown. She introduces both men. AJ Styles is out first, but Samoa Joe doesn’t come. AJ says he’s not surprised. Well, maybe he is now as Joe appears on the screen…He’s at the Styles house, we know this because the name on the mailbox is “Styles”. Uh oh. Styles is begging Joe to not go into the house, but Joe even has a gift for Styles’ daughter. Joe doesn’t want to be rude, so he rings the doorbell and Smackdown Live ends with Joe creepily saying “Daddy’s home”.

SuperSport 4 will broadcast all the action live from 2:00 on 26 September (that’s Wednesday morning). Repeats will be available throughout the day and you can catch the highlights after the show right here on TheSouthAfrican.com.