Mesut Ozil Arsenal

Arsene Wenger with Mesut Ozil in 2013. Image: The Athletic

Former Arsenal playmaker Mesut Özil announces retirement from football

Mesut Özil wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but nobody can deny how much natural ability the former Arsenal playmaker had in his boots.

Mesut Ozil Arsenal

Arsene Wenger with Mesut Ozil in 2013. Image: The Athletic

Say what you want about Mesut Ozil, but he was one of the most gifted creative midfielders of his generation. Controversy shrouded the latter stages of his Arsenal career, but the left-footed German’s legacy remains intact.

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Mesut produced so many magical moments

Often accused of being lazy, Ozil was misunderstood to an extreme degree around the globe. His luxurious, languid style certainly wasn’t for everyone, but Arsenal’s £42.5m capture of the elegant schemer’s signature in 2013 heralded in a new dawn for the Gunners. They were no longer a selling club, they were here to sign world-class players, and there was genuine pandemonium among Gooners when the news broke.

Arsenal fans go ballistic when they sign Özil . Video: @SkySportsPL / Twitter

Ronaldo didn’t approve when Özil was sold

When Real Madrid sold Ozil to Arsenal, Cristiano Ronaldo was outspoken about how much he disagreed with that deal. After all, he was the beneficiary of Ozi’s sublime passing skills. Although he wore the number 11 jersey when he arrived at Arsenal, Özil was the archetypal number 10 in world football. He did inherit the number 10 jersey later in his Gunners career though.

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Mesut’s highlights reel is entertaining to say the least. Video: @Arsenal / Twitter

How may I assist you?

More concerned with creating chances than finishing them off, Ozil was a teammate’s dream, presenting opportunities to strikers on silver platters. He also scored some beautiful goals himself. As you do, when you’re that good.

Image: @espnuk / Twitter

Özil, champion of the world

Mesut Ozil started his magical journey with Schalke before stints with Werder Bremen, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Fenerbahçe and Istanbul Başakşehir. He made many football fans smile along the way, and he also happened to be Germany’s Player of the Tournament when they won the World Cup in 2014. Left footers just make football look better.

Not a bad career. Ya Gunners Ya! Which are your favourite left-footed footballers ever?

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