Mbalula threatens national tea

Mbalula threatens national teams with de-registering them if they fail to transform

Mbalula insists that if sprorts teams fail to transform, drastic steps will be taken.

Mbalula threatens national tea

Fikile Mbalula’s Rugby World Cup post mortem was largely incoherent. But there was one statement that stuck out. When asked what would happen if national teams failed to transform in accordance with  South Africa’s Transformation Charter, he said support for teams would be withdrawn.

“Deregister the team. We will not support a bid for mega events and then we will withdraw national colours.”

In the same breath, he said it is important for players to be selected on merit and that development needs to start at grassroots. Mbalula laid some of the blame at the feet of schools, saying only a handful of schools play rugby.

While that is true, it is the department’s responsibility to ensure schools have access to facilities and resources to run holistic rugby programmes, something which is not happening on a large enough scale at present.