8 Quotes from Razzmatazz’s ram

8 Quotes from Razzmatazz’s rambling on transformation in rugby

If you didn’t have a clue what Minister Fikile Mbalula was on about during his press conference on transformation in rugby, you’re not alone.

8 Quotes from Razzmatazz’s ram

Sport and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula gave a briefing regarding rugby transformation on Thursday. The lack of black players in the Springbok squad has been a sticking point for some time now and the department has vowed to help with the change from the ground up and have a 50% transformed team by 2019.

But at grassroots level, access to proper resources remains a massive problem and while the Minister acknowledged this to a degree, he passed the buck like it was a Sonny Bill Williams off load, blaming schools for the lack of players coming through – despite the fact that there’s a high number of black players at Craven Week.

In parliament on Wednesday, the EFF said the department has only set aside 0.8% of its budget for sports infrastructure development.

For the most part, his briefing sounded like rambling bullshit with more bullshit, bullshit with some bullshit on top in a bullshit smoothie. And no, you can’t have strawberries with that.

We’ve picked some quotes from the press conference and tried to answer them.

Quote: Where is talent going to come from? Blacks master football because they know it before they’re born.

Answer: Access to resources built by the department. Most townships have one or two sports fields if they are lucky. And these are often badly maintained. Also, saying black people only know soccer is quite stereotypical and misinformed.

Quote: Just like you don’t have to own a shebeen to know how to get drunk. I can see what’s going on.

Answer: No idea.

Quote: For so many people, the issue of transformation is only an issue when we go to a World Cup.

Answer: Actually, this has been an issue for a long time, it culminated over the World Cup because the empty promises of helping change South African sport keep coming up empty.

Quote: Look at Handre Pollard. Selected at a young age. He’s the best future captain going forward

Answer: This is correct.

Quote: I’m zooming in on rugby because it’s as if nothing has been done and burying our heads in the sand. We’ve got a policy in place that must be implemented.

Answer: But you said it should be done at grassroots, so whose doing nothing?

Quote: I do not need a scientific person to come from the Americas or from heaven to tell me that people do not like transformation.

Answer: Again, sorry, no idea.

Quote: If you are a black player here and you go to hospital with a broken neck, you will not come back! We will say you are a drunkard and you will never come back. Not there though.

Answer: Nope, no clue.

Quote: How do I call a bunch of people like the Springboks a “bunch of losers” if I am not a clown? I am not in competition with Trevor Noah in his field, I am not a clown! If they went out in the qualifying stage I would have said they qualify as losers, but they got bronze… that is not “losers”.

Answer: Actually, about being clown…