Did author Jackie Phamotse get married?

Did author Jackie Phamotse get married? Image via Instagram @jackie_phamotse

Did Jackie Phamotse get married while on house arrest?

‘Indoor marriages slap,’ said one South African on social media after it was reported Jackie Phamotse, who’s on house arrest tied the knot.

Did author Jackie Phamotse get married?

Did author Jackie Phamotse get married? Image via Instagram @jackie_phamotse

Social media users are wondering if controversial author Jackie Phamotse recently tied the knot.


Convicted author Jackie Phamotse is trending on social media after MDNNews revealed she got married on Workers’ Day (1 May).

“Jackie Phamotse is off the market. Married. Congratulations,” reported the publication.

The popular author took to her Instagram this week to share a photo of herself dressed in blanket and headwrap.

Though she hasn’t confirmed social media rumours that she got married, South Africans took to X to congratulate her.

IOL reports that Phamotse also announced in March that she will be releasing another book as part of her Bare series. The author who’s under house arrest has completed the new manuscript for her new book.

She tweeted: “The Bare nation wanted a book and that’s what I will deliver! Manuscript done. The worst thing you have ever done was to let me have my pen! I will use it!”

The South African reached out to Ms Phamotse on Thursday, 2 May for a comment. She was not available at the time of publishing this article.


The Citizen reports that Jackie Phamotse was sentenced to two years of house arrest. She’s also been ordered to perform community service by the Randburg Magistrates’ Court.

She was found guilty of defaming media moguls Romeo and Basetsana Kumalo over a tweet alleging that Romeo had engaged in a sexual encounter with another man.

The Kumalos took legal action against the author, who was found guilty of defamation, crimen injuria, and contempt of court on 19 September 2023.

Bona reports that a house arrest is given to a person who does not pose a risk to the community, reveals Sabinet African Journal. 

Other important factors which must be taken into account include the type of employment of the probationer and their working hours in order to accommodate them in this regard.”

Probationers are allowed to go to work, to participate in cultural and sporting activities, attend funerals, and church and do some shopping.

Their movement is limited to the few stipulated places that are known by prison officials and there is also a time they are to remain in their homes.


@ronaldanele: “Isn’t she on a house arrest… anyways congrats indoor marriages slap.”

@DominicISX: “I heard Home Affairs Mobile came to her place so she can sign the marriage certificate.”

@MalumeRichie: “Getting married while under house arrest must be nice.”

@nolomoifa: “Getting married whilst under house arrest is crazy business.”

@tania_tweetz: “We need to talk about the weird things that happen when you about to get married, something dramatic always needs to happen. If it’s not a cheating soon to be husband, weird things are going to happen. Exes will try to come back; friends will backstab you but kozkwenzeka ubu Off nje” (something weird always happens).

@BonganiD_Kaunda: “Is she not on house arrest? How will she go to the in-laws’ house? Or she needs an affidavit? Congratulations, are in order.”

@Dijosti: “What happens when someone is under house arrest? Do they still go to work as per normal and resume house arrest after work?”