Man caught ducking cameras at

Man caught ducking cameras at the Soweto derby and Twitter loved it

Maybe a Mzekezeke costume or face paint next time.

Man caught ducking cameras at

Saturday’s Soweto derby did not provide anything in the way of goals and the action on the field had its dour moments. Not a rare occurrence in this famous fixture, especially in recent years.

So what does the TV production crew to ensure their viewers are kept entertained despite a lull in the action? Take them on the tour around the crowd of course – there is bound to be a few interesting characters with interesting costumes and props eager for a brief second of fame… but not this other gentleman.

As the camera panned around the crowd it caught a gent in a blue shirt – no fancy costume – who wasn’t exactly keen on a TV debut. As soon as he recognised himself on the big screen, he ducked behind the lady sitting next to him.


Unfortunately for him his reflexes failed him and he ducked a little too late and the internet sees everything as the video was shared on social media, prompting speculation about why he was so camera-shy.

This seemed to be the general consensus. We hope it ain’t so…

Whatever reasons he may have for ducking like that, he must have learned an important lesson. Maybe try wearing a makarapa next time.