When and how to see the Harvest full moon TONIGHT

When and how to see the Harvest full moon TONIGHT Photos: Stock/Canva

SUPERMOON tonight the last for 2023!

SUPERMOON tonight! Look up and you’ll see a very special type of full moon, and it’s the last one for 2023. Here’s everything to know.

When and how to see the Harvest full moon TONIGHT

When and how to see the Harvest full moon TONIGHT Photos: Stock/Canva

Tonight is the last SUPERMOON of 2023.

Sometimes the full moon appears extra bright and slightly larger in the night sky. That’s a special type of event, that’s known as a Supermoon.

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If you look up, then you can see the last of its type for 2023 light up the sky.

Here’s everything about the impressive SUPERMOON for tonight.

Watch the SUPERMOON tonight

According to Space.com, the 29th of September is the starting date of the Harvest Supermoon.

It’s the last moon of its type for the rest of the year. This makes it a special event that moon-lookers absolutely have to see!

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Supermoons are slightly larger (closer) than regular full moons. That’s what makes them stand out in the sky, and why things appear even brighter.

The last SUPERMOON of 2023

This isn’t just any kind of moon, it’s the last of its kind for 2023. The next full moon event this large and bright will only happen again in 2024.

This is also called the Harvest Moon.

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Gardeners choose this time of the year to plant certain herbs and trees in the Southern Hemisphere. Other plants are harvested during this time.

Sometimes the full moon can mean that you sleep less: this can be more true during moons like this, because they are so bright.

Why it’s called the Harvest Moon

This is called the Harvest Moon because of the time of year.

Because some crops get harvested when the moon is full during September, the full moon that happens during this month is called the Harvest Moon.

Moons that occur during September months are called Harvest Moons, although not all of them are also called Supermoons.

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Other types of moons include the Blood Moon and the Blue Moon.

Sometimes, the moon even experiences a penumbral eclipse, like we will see again during the last parts of October.

Other full moons explained

There isn’t just the Harvest Moon, but also other types of full moons named for their time of the year – or how they happen.

  • Blood moons happen during a total eclipse, and appear red.
  • Harvest moons happen during September, during harvest times.
  • Supermoons happen when the moon appears bigger and brighter.
  • Blue moons are two full moons in the same month, and only happen occasionally.

Did you think all full moons are the same?