SASSA: When do gold cards expi

SASSA: When do gold cards expire?

SASSA have responded to a request from the DA Shadow Minister of Social Development. When do gold cards expire?

SASSA: When do gold cards expi

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has released a response to the Democratic Alliance in writing, commenting on the expiry date for social grant gold cards.

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According to information, more than 5.3 million gold cards have been issued to date. Gold cards are one way to receive social grants, though these cards are set to expire this year – and in 2024, recipients will require a different way to get their grant.

Here’s what to know about SASSA gold cards and their expiry date.

When do SASSA gold cards expire?

According to a press release, all SASSA gold cards are set to expire this year.

The exact date for cards to expire is set for December 31, 2023. All social grants after this time will have to be paid to new social grant cards, or collected by other means.

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The press release notes that the exact date for new SASSA cards has not been released, making the future potentially uncertain for some grant recipients.

Without gold cards, grants must be collected manually from retailers or social service office. Alternatively, recipients must add another bank account.

Changing your banking details

The social security agency has an online portal where you can access online grant services and forms.

If you would like to switch from a gold card, then add alternative banking details to your SASSA account. This way your social grant will still be paid on the same date, but automatically go to your bank account.

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For recipients worried about what could happen to their gold cards this year, this could be the perfect solution.

Need help?

Contact the helpline, or visit a regional office for more help. Confirmation documents such as your Identity Document and Proof of Address may be necessary to change your details on the system.

Contact SASSA here

The National Helpline deals with questions and complaints regarding social grants: +27 80 060 1011

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An online form (found here) can be used to submit queries to the helpline in charge of social grants.

A list of regional contacts can also be found here.