satawu durban port palestine israel

Photo: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

Government calls for peace during Israel-Palestine conflict

The SA Government has called for peace and ceasefire during the Israel-Palestine conflict during a press release.

satawu durban port palestine israel

Photo: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

The South African Government has called for peace during the Israel-Palestine conflict, which has already seen the death toll rising above 700. After Hamas launched a missile attack on Saturday, the Israeli military has launched counter-attacks and cut essential supplies to the area.

Here’s what to know about the conflict, and the role of local government during international conflict resolution.

SA Government calls for peace in Israel-Palestine

The SA Government has called for peaceful resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Conflict flared during a Hamas-launched missile attack, and subsequent retaliation by the Israeli military forces that has caused more than 700 deaths so far.

Government calls for peaceful resolution according to the United Nations (UN) and intenational law:

“The international community can not avoid its duty to act, and together, we must shoulder the responsibility to remove obstacles to peace and any violations of international law.” says the press release.

The release continues to say that Israelis, Palestinians and the region do not stand to gain anything from “escalated tensions, increased violence, growing instability, and a continued and protracted violent conflict.”

Other organisations, including the African National Congress (ANC), have also commented on the still-escalating conflict, blaming “the unlawful Israeli occupation” and comparing it to South Africa’s apartheid history.

Beyond government: The SA Jewish Board of Deputies

The South African Jewish Board of Deputies have condemned the attacks in a press release dated October 9, 2023.

The press release says that the SAJBD “stands with Israel” during this conflict, while government appears to maintain a neutral stance offering to mediate the conflict between nations.

The SAJBD has set up an emergency hotline for family and friends of South Africans in Israel, which can be reached on WhatsApp: +27 81 880 5217.

For enquiries with those who have family or friends in Palestine, visit the SA Palestinian Embassy website here.

A broader view of the conflict

According to, European countries have ceased foreign aid to Palestine during this time.

The conflict has also affected international business, according to Reuters. The NY Post has reported on the decline of Israeli stocks after the beginning of the conflict. While stocks have gone down, the conflict has also led to increased oil prices, according to