oscar mabuyane eastern cape premier

Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane / (Photo: Facebook / Oscar Mabuyane)

Oscar Mabuyane: Eastern Cape premier embroiled in ‘assault’ scandal

A key official in Oscar Mabuyane’s team is accused of assaulting two teenage girls. The Eastern Cape premier has been slammed for his reaction.

oscar mabuyane eastern cape premier

Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane / (Photo: Facebook / Oscar Mabuyane)

Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane has some explaining to do after a director in his office was charged with assault this week. Luntu Sokutu is accused of verbally and physically abusing two young women, aged 16 and 18, in the early hours of Sunday 29 December 2019 at McDonald’s in Beacon Bay, East London. 

Oscar Mabuyane’s director facing assault charges

One of the supposed victims is the daughter of Ace Ncobo. The former PSL referee-turned-businessman lives with his family in the area. The altercation has sent shockwaves across the province, and Mabuyane has already been compelled to act on the controversial matter.

Sokutu has been granted temporary leave, and his influence over Mabuyane’s office will now be greatly limited. However, the punishment still doesn’t fit the crime, according to some critics.

Eastern Cape premier hammered for ‘limp’ reaction

Georgia Faldtman is the chairperson for the DA’s Women’s Network in the Eastern Cape. She states that the branch is “appalled” by what they see as a lenient reaction from Mabuyane. The party representative slammed this scuffle as “an act of gender-based violence”, and called for strict legal action to be taken against Sokutu:

“We are appalled by the limp-wristed action taken by Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane against one of his staff members who is alleged to have verbally and physically abused two young women in East London. Women are suffering. Enough is enough, and action must be taken decisively and immediately.”

“Premier Mabuyane has reportedly granted Mr Sokutu a leave of absence and confirmed that he will be leading an internal investigation while the police investigation is taking place. Women are being failed, not only by the men who brutalise and murder them, but also by the South African criminal justice system.”

Who is Lunto Sokutu?

Apart from being the director in the office of the premier, Sokutu is also a former Sasco NEC member and the South African Communist Party (SACP) Skenjana Roji district spokesperson. However, his political reputation is hanging by a thread here.

Feldtman has called for the “leave of absence” implemented by Mabuyane to be cancelled, and suggests he should be slapped with an indefinite suspension instead.