Alberton Gas Pipeline

Photo: Twitter Screenshot

Breaking: Alberton residents evacuated as gas pipeline explodes [video]

Everyone within a 500m radius of a gas pipeline in Alberton, Johannesburg, has been evacuated to safety following an explosion on Tuesday.

Alberton Gas Pipeline

Photo: Twitter Screenshot

Residents of Alberton, in Johannesburg, have been evacuated from their homes after a major gas pipeline caught fire on Tuesday morning. The severity of the blaze is signifcant, and everyone within a 500m radius of the incident has been told to leave the area.

Alberton gas pipeline evacuation – latest news and updates:

Disaster management crews are currently attending the scene. The recovery operation is set to be a delicate one, as officials assess the danger posed by the inferno. Both Sasol and Transnet are on site, looking for the most “danger-free” way to quell the fire and guarantee safety for thousands of nearby residents.

Reports surfaced just after 8:00 that a large plume of smoke could be seen coming from Verwoerd Park, near the N3 route which connects to Alberton. We understand that traffic is still flowing on the major highway despite the large-scale incident.

Watch the Alberton gas pipeline explosion here

Verwoerd Park goes up in smoke

The gas pipeline was shut down as soon as the incident was logged. It’s believed that there have been no injuries or fatalities to speak of, and the swift response of emergency personnel has limited the damage caused by the suspected explosion.

This is a developing story, and we’ll have more information on the matter as it comes on Tuesday.