DA councillor corruption covid-19

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Just in: DA councillor arrested for allegedly ‘stealing COVID-19 relief funds’

The opposition has spent a year blasting the ANC for ‘looting COVID relief funds’. But now, a DA councillor has been arrested for committing the same crime.

DA councillor corruption covid-19

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Well, it seems like the COVID-19 feeding frenzy wasn’t solely limited to the ANC: A DA Councillor from Atlantis in the Cape Town Municipality was arrested on Thursday morning, after voluntarily handing herself over to the police. She is accused of fraud and money laundering from the local virus relief fund, via an NGO and a church in the Mother City.

DA councillor arrested for ‘COVID-19 looting’

The DA Councillor’s name is known to The South African, but with her yet to appear in court and enter a plea, we cannot legally publish her name just yet. Rest assured, when we have permission to do so, we’ll publish an update accordingly.

We are expecting a full statement from Hawks at some point on Thursday, elaborating on the crimes that the politically involved suspect is accused of carrying out. Things reached a flashpoint earlier this month, when the GOOD Party wrote to the City of Cape Town asking them to come clean about alleged corruption inside city structures.

GOOD claim DA scalp in corruption probe

The organisation have since issued an updated statement through Brett Heron, who lauded the arrests made earlier:

“When the GOOD Party raised the alarm on 30 April about a money laundering scheme involving the use of humanitarian funds for DA party purposes, in an open letter to Mayor Dan Plato, the City immediately took to social media to tweet a series of categorical denials.”

“GOOD calls on the DA-led provincial government to reign in the looters in its party ranks and take urgent steps to stop the further misappropriation of public funds. should know how much money has been abused for party purposes in similar circumstances. The DA-led provincial government must reign in the looters

Brett Herron, GOOD Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament and Secretary General. 
  • Initially, the City of Cape Town denied the allegations – but they may have to change their tune soon.

COVID-19 ‘slush fund’ created in Cape Town

Several other arrests are expected to follow going forward, and once the implicated DA councillor has appeared in the dock, we expect to learn much more about this sordid case. SAPS has confirmed that the woman handed herself over to the authorities at 6:00 on Thursday morning, under the cover of darkness. However, she was still spotted…