Gyms Level 3 lockdown

Level 3: When will South Africa open its gyms again?

As one of the few industries barred from reopening during Level 3 of lockdown, gyms are now making their case to return – but a long wait is on the cards.

Gyms Level 3 lockdown

Moving to Level 3 of lockdown may come with more personal freedoms, but for many gym users in South Africa, the eased restrictions mean very little until they can get back to their favourite past-time.

Gyms in high demand

The gyms remain closed at this present stage of lockdown, despite many other public places – such as churches and work venues – getting the green light to operate with strict social distancing and hygiene protocols in place. Virgin Active broke their silence on the matter with a brief statement on Monday, after they’d received queries about their ‘listed opening times’ online.

“Gyms and fitness centres are prohibited under Level 3. We remain in constant contact with the government, and as soon as we are given the green light to re-open clubs, we will be in touch with our members. None of our SA clubs are open yet. Listings on Google which suggest otherwise are not official listings.”

Meanwhile, the organisation is still offering home-workout plans for members looking to remain active:

Gyms may not open ‘until some point in Spring’

Their message suggests that there is a concerted effort to reopen their doors sooner rather than later. Although people can now exercise anywhere outdoors between 6:00 – 18:00 each day, they aren’t allowed to congregate in groups or meet people socially. For many, this cannot compete with the gym environment.

Current government advice states that recreational facilities, health centres and gyms can reopen at Level 1 of lockdown only. This *might* be subject to change, as the industry continues to lobby President Ramaphosa to push these plans forward. But, according to the letter of the law, it’ll likely take months to get to this phase – and we potentially may not see our gyms open until we enter Spring.

Coronavirus peak to dictate reopening dates

That’s because reaching Level 1 essentially means that South Africa has crushed and nullified coronavirus. But, as of Tuesday 2 June, the daily infection rate is above 1 500 and the death toll is increasing every day.

SA would have to be ‘past the peak’ to get to this level, according to the government, and that might only come as late as September. Sadly for our gym-heads, they’ve got a long wait ahead of them.