Petrol price October

Photo: Jay Skyler / Unsplash

‘Laughably small’ petrol price decrease CONFIRMED for October

This is the petrol price equivalent of celebrating a goal when you’re already losing by a few. However, there’s no consolation for diesel users in October.

Petrol price October

Photo: Jay Skyler / Unsplash

Look, we probably shouldn’t be so flippant about the fact our petrol price is set to decrease at midnight tonight – and any drop in costs is fine by us. But fuel in October will only get cheaper by the barest of margins.

South Africa’s petrol price for October 2021

That’s according to data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) and the South African government. Their data shows that there will be a tiny, tiny bit of relief for petrol consumers from Wednesday 6 October onwards – but diesel users, and those who rely on illuminating paraffin, are in for a shock.

  • Petrol Grade 95 is set to decrease by ONE CENT per litre.
  • Those using Petrol Grade 93 now get FOUR CENTS per litre knocked off.
  • However, wholesale diesel prices are set to increase by 23 CENTS per litre.
  • Illuminating paraffin sees the biggest change, going up by 43 CENTS p/l.

Fuel costs: Petrol drops marginally, diesel up

Global oil prices are now on the march, with a barrel of crude selling for between $80 to $90. This sharp increase has wiped out any possible gains that the SA petrol price could have made this month.

The decreases aren’t enough to bring inland petrol prices under R18 per litre, either. You’re looking at an average of R18.11 p/l for areas set back from the sea. Those in coastal regions, however, will be asked to fork out about R17.59 per litre when they make the torturous trip to the pumps.

Diesel engines will also require more money to keep ticking over. Although it maintains a cost advantage over petrol, inland customers are still having to pay approximately R15.71 per litre in October. Again, for motorists near the coast, there’s a bit of a break: Your diesel costs look set at R15.10 per litre.

Filling up the tank has never been so painful, hey?