Old Mutual vaccine mandates

Mike Hutchings/Reuters

Vaccine mandates: Old Mutual making all employees get the jab

Will the country see plenty of vaccine mandates to start the new year? Old Mutual is not messing around when it comes to its staff.

Old Mutual vaccine mandates

Mike Hutchings/Reuters

If you still haven’t got your COVID-19 jab, it might soon be your place of work making you get it. Old Mutual has joined the recent surge of vaccine mandates being rolled out across the country. From universities to huge local companies, the push to have all staff and students vaccinated is growing.

Old Mutual latest company to join in on vaccine mandates

The insurance giant will require all of its staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The mandate will come into effect from January. Employees were informed of the news via a statement from Old Mutual CEO Ian Williamson on Friday.

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“Vaccinations are proving to be the key to unlocking economic activity, returning life to a more normal rhythm, preventing severe illness and death, decreasing transmission rates, as well as reducing the emergence of new variants of the disease.”

Old Mutual CEO Ian Williamson

All staff will then have to submit proof of their vaccination status to the company.

Mandatory vaccinations the way to go?

Nationally, just over 33% of South African adults have been fully vaccinated. That’s crushingly short of government’s original plan to have at least 70% of adults fully vaxxed before December. But this time, the problem isn’t not having enough vaccines.

In fact, there are at least 15 million vaccines available waiting in storage facilities. The problem now is getting those who have been hesitant, to take them.

Several of the country’s universities including Wits and the University of Cape Town have both agreed on a framework for their own vaccine mandates.

Another insurance powerhouse, Discovery, was the first to announce that it would require all of its staff to be vaccinated.