Kanye West US Election

Photo: Kanye West / Twitter

Electoral College Dropout: How many votes did Kanye West get?

Kanye West launched a bid to win the US Election. However, things didn’t go according to plan, and his assault on the Electoral College has faltered.

Kanye West US Election

Photo: Kanye West / Twitter

You win some, you lose some. Kanye West has learned that he can’t have ‘all that Power‘, after his bid for president crashed and burned. Despite suggesting he had a ‘Stronger’ chance than many other outsiders to gatecrash the Electoral College, the musician failed to secure a ‘Runaway‘ victory. Okay, we’ve got the puns out of our system, let’s get to it…

US Election: How many votes did Kanye West get?

Indeed, Ye won’t be the next president of the United States. But we know that already, didn’t we? The music mogul only ran in 12 states, and conducted just one campaign rally in South Carolina. We know US Elections are weird at the best of times, but even Kanye West can’t win the White House based on this performance.

In total, it’s believed the rapper won over 50 000 votes. It’s not a great effort, and West would have been hoping for a larger share of the electorate. By contrast, Joe Biden is leading the popular with more than 60.4 million votes.

Kanye did seem a little crestfallen – but he already has his sights set on 2024:

Jo Jorgensen: The candidate coming third in a two-horse race

Kanye West wasn’t the only outsider on the ballot. You’ve also got the Libertarian Party, who contests every major election alongside the ‘big two’. Their candidate Jo Jorgensen has put up a relatively good fight, taking over 1.33 million votes overnight. Her total would bring her to somewhere between 1-2% of the national tally.

It seems she’s also become something of a history maker in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and the candidate is projected to poll around the 1.5 – 1.6 million mark. Time for a third podium at the debates, perhaps?

Who is Howie Hawkins? US Election outsider falls short

Mr. Hawkins is a representative of the left-wing Green Party. They are relative newcomers to the electoral process, and that shows on the ballot. They have garnered about 0.2% of the national vote, earning a little over 300 000 votes across the country. Less than 1 in 500 Americans cast a ballot for the climate-focused group – but that’s still six times more than what Kanye West managed.

  • It’s perhaps not surprising to reveal that none of these candidates have won a nomination for the Electoral College.