farmworker Limpopo farm robbery Vaalwater

A 39-year-old suspect was arrested for attempted murder. PHOTO: Flickr

Two robbers were taken down by their own victims

The victims of a robbery joined forces to take down two robbers who tried to attack them with a knife in Gqeberha.

farmworker Limpopo farm robbery Vaalwater

A 39-year-old suspect was arrested for attempted murder. PHOTO: Flickr

Two alleged robbers were unlucky on Sunday morning when their plans to rob a shop were foiled by their would-be victims.

The two robbers, aged 26 and 30, walked into a shop in Perridgevale, Gqeberha, at around 08:30. The two pulled out knives and threatened the owner and his assistant.

“One suspect jumped over the counter and took money from the till. The owner, who was in the aisle, shouted at his assistant to grab the suspect while he went after the second suspect.”

Colonel Priscilla Naidu


A customer also got involved and assisted in grabbing the suspects.

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“Both the suspects were arrested and handed over to the police. During the scuffle, one suspect sustained two stab wounds and was taken to hospital. The suspects’ vehicle, a white VW Polo, was also impounded for further investigations.”

The alleged robbers are to appear before the Gqeberha Magistrate’s Court this week.


A man in Gqeberha gave the police the run-around when they found an unlicenced firearm during a roadblock on Sunday.

While on routine patrols at around midnight, the police’s Mount Road members noticed a parked car with two men outside.


The police noticed a white Ford Fiesta and decided to interview the two men outside the car. That is when they noticed a small black bag beneath the driver’s seat.

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“On questioning the suspect, he removed the bag and handed it to the police officer. A firearm, a Colt automatic calibre 380 hammerless firearm – with the serial number filed off – was found inside the bag.”

A man gave the police the runaround after being found in possession of an unlicenced firearm. PHOTO: Flickr


The suspect told the police that the firearm had belonged to his father, who is in New Brighton.

To confirm his statement, police took the suspect to New Brighton to look for his father.

“However, when they got there, he gave another fictitious story. He was arrested and detained on a charge of possession of prohibited firearm,” Naidu said.

The suspect is to appear before the Gqeberha Magistrate’s Court during the week. The firearm will be sent to ballistics for analysis, said Naidu.