The DA and ANC go head to head

The DA and ANC go head to head as Jacob Zuma faces possible impeachment

The opposition has taken another stab at removing the president from office, this time in the form of the Omar al-Bashir debacle, but the ANC’s not taking the attack lying down.

The DA and ANC go head to head

Now look, there’s one thing we should clarify before continuing. Next year South Africa will be heading to the polls for the local government elections; so we should expect a dramatic increase in political smarminess and bold yet ultimately futile skirmishes.

That said, the official opposition has yet again raised the issue of whether or not el presidente should be removed from office. The first was a move for a vote of no confidence, and this time it’s about al-Bashir – who’s no doubt chilling in his personal harem while being fed dried figs by impoverished Sudanese women, blissfully unaware of the kak he’s caused here in Mzanzi – who was smuggled out of the country by senior government officials in contravention with a High Court order.

Mr Maimane – imagine Baleka Mbete’s voice when you read his surname – and his party believes that Zuma has no regard for the South African constitution and the rule of law and as such want him impeached.

“The DA will move to have the motion debated in the House on August 18, whereupon a vote by a third of the House will be required to establish an ad hoc committee to investigate the impeachment charge.”


“The events that led to the escape of Bashir represent a clear violation of the president’s oath to ‘obey, observe, uphold and maintain the Constitution and all other law of the Republic’ and serve as nothing less than grounds for his removal from office in terms of section 89[1][a] of the Constitution.”


“In blatant disregard of their legal obligations, however, Cabinet granted Bashir immunity while attending the summit of the African Union in June, and subsequently allowed him to escape the country. President Zuma, as the head of the Cabinet, bears ultimate responsibility for this decision.”

Not one to back down from a fight, the ANC’s Moloto Mothapo has hit back at the DA, saying that Maimane’s motion is just a publicity stunt… touché.

“Section 89 of the Constitution states amongst others that the president may only be removed from office for a serious violation of the Constitution or the law.”


“No court of law has ever found the president guilty of violation of the law or the Constitution. In the absence of any constitutional or legal basis, Mmusi Maimane’s motion amounts to political posturing and is not worth the paper it is written on.”

Let the games begin.

Via News24