50 kids in a 15-seater taxi, t

50 kids in a 15-seater taxi, that’s got to be a record

An Eastern Cape taxi driver has been arrested for squeezing 50 school children into his minibus taxi, because you know… safety first.

50 kids in a 15-seater taxi, t

The 31 year-old taxi driver was spotted by Lieutenant Loaan Steenkamp, who was driving next to the crammed taxi, on his way to work.

News24 reports that,aAccording to the police, ’50 school children between the ages of six and 12′ were squeezed into the taxi like sardines, and the driver was arrested on the spot.

The driver will be charged with reckless driving, negligence and overloading a vehicle… he should be charged with attempted murder, if you look at the stats around overloaded taxis and fatal accidents in almost every province.