Julia Albu / Cape Town ETC

Julia Albu: The super granny that defeat the odds once again

Julia Albu is not only an 80-year-old globetrotter, she also is an inspiring fighter who defeated the odds.


Julia Albu / Cape Town ETC

Julia Albu, an 80-year-old grandmother, is yet again an inspiration to everyone.

The remarkable octogenarian is best known for traveling successfully from Cape Town to London in a Toyota Conquest, lovingly nicknamed Tracy. Along the way, she visited an amazing eleven African countries and nine European counties.

The tale of her adventures, determination and perseverance delighted many. The octogenarian met many new people from different cultures and backgrounds and experienced so many things and places on her incredible voyage.

Albu is ready to face yet another challenge

However, a new battle begun when she returned from her awe-inspiring trip.
Upon return to Cape Town, Albu felt “simply terrible” and went to check up on her health. That’s when things turned worse.

On 31 July, Albu was admitted to hospital with pneumonia and multiple additional health complications that doctors could not identify. Her health went on a roller-coaster and Albu experienced many ups and downs.

Albu was incapable of moving around freely because of pain in her knee and her life was now consumed by oxygen masks.

Doctors could not believe how Albu defeated complex health issues

The inspiring grandmother had to immediately commence toxic treatments after being diagnosed with Bilharzia. This was a blow to her health and and her condition deteriorated as her pneumonia was persistent and her body was was being put under immense strain.

Albu refused to give up and fought back valiantly, leaving experts amazed at her striking willpower. She is now in recovery after overcoming challenges that made her epic voyage seem like child’s play.

The extraordinary super granny conquered pneumonia, renal failure, Bilharzia, and various other things doctors were never able to identify. She has since been doing much better and judging by her sheer willpower to survive, will, no doubt, continue to amaze us.