day of reconciliation

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Racist Adam Catzavelos’ woes grow as EFF lays charges while DA goes to SAHRC

Adam Catzavelos is set to face different sorts of legal challenges from all angles.

day of reconciliation

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While the country is still rightly furious with Adam Catzavelos, people are also still working out the best way to make him pay for using the most offensive and inflammatory word known to South Africans. So far, political parties are stepping up to the plate.

Adam Catzavelos: Time to pay?

After originally calling on their followers to investigate the video, the EFF in Gauteng laid charges against Catzavelos on Wednesday at the Bramley Police Station.

At roughly the same time, the DA released a statement announcing that its DA Youth group has laid a complaint against Catzavelos at the South African Human Rights Commission. Public figure and radio host Tumi Sole has also filed a complaint.

DA Youth Leader Luyolo Mphithi says that this kind of vitriol is not only an insult “but also a criminal offence”.

“The use of this word is not only racist but it is also appalling that a South African, knowing the significance of this term, would utter these remarks and then communicate them to the world on social media.”

“We trust that the SAHRC will investigate this matter and hold Catzavelos accountable for his vile comments. He has offended the dignity and human rights of all South Africans.”

Earlier on Wednesday morning, Catzavelos’ family business, St George’s Fine foods, issued a statement firing him from the business. 

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In short, the family has fired their son from the business.

“The family of Adam Catzavelos is appalled by the video in question. It is abhorrent and we fully disassociate ourselves from the views expressed. We reject racism in any form. Adam Catzavelos has been dismissed from the family business, St George’s Fine Foods with immediate effect.”

“His minorty shareholding will be unwound as soon as practically possible. Due to the high profile nature of the incident, the business has been temporarily closed for the protection of its staff,”  Adam’s brother, Nick Catzavelos said in a statement.

Will this racist end up doing jail time?