SASSA grants

These are the reasons why your R350 application may have been decline, according to SASSA. Photo: @OfficialSASSA / Twitter

SASSA in KZN suspends over 38 000 grants – here’s why…

SASSA in KZN revealed that more than 38 600 grants have been suspended while over 78 000 still need to be reviewed.

SASSA grants

These are the reasons why your R350 application may have been decline, according to SASSA. Photo: @OfficialSASSA / Twitter

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) has suspended more than 38 600 grants.

38 622 grants suspended and 78 811 to be reviewed

SASSA says that these 38 622 beneficiaries have not visited its branches to have their grants reviewed. Spokesperson for the agency in KZN Sandy Godlwana explained that SASSA notified the beneficiaries that they would need to follow this process if they want to assess if they still qualify – among other things.

According to Godlwana, 78 811 grants still need to be reviewed. Godlwana said some of these beneficiaries are receiving more than what was registered on their system, reports ECR News.

“Some of these clients are now getting more than what was registered in our system. Most of them who has reapplied we have picked up that they are now earning more than what was captured in our system.

“This is a way of us cleaning our system and ensuring that we pay the right clients,”

said Godlwana.

What documents do beneficiaries need when visiting SASSA?

The SASSA spokesperson further called for clients on grants who have been suspended and feel as though they still qualify to make their way to a branch with all their documentations. These documents include:

  • Identity document of the beneficiary;
  • Birth certificate of children for SASSA Child Support Grants;
  • Three-month bank statement of beneficiary and spouse if married;
  • Payslip of beneficiary and spouse if married;
  • Proof of residence;
  • For disability and care dependency grants beneficiary to undergo a medical assessment and;
  • Court order in respect of SASSA Foster Child Grants.

Technical glitch prevents THOUSANDS from collecting R350 grant

It was previously reported that a large amount of R350 grant beneficiaries were left ultimately frustrated when a technical glitch with one of the payment systems meant that beneficiaries were unable to access monies owed to them.

Outlets like Pick N Pay, Checkers, and Shoprite were all affected. There were connectivity issues at retailers nationwide, and Postbank was unable to resolve them in a timely fashion. The R350 grant criteria are set to expand, meaning more people can soon apply for the handout. But the system is already struggling to cope with client base it already has. In June, huge delays were experienced by people in desperate need of a lifeline.

For many, that misery has now been compounded. Lucas Ndala is the Postbank interim CEO, and he confirmed that a surge in users trying to access their payments contributed to the outages. According to him, almost 70 000 beneficiaries were unable to withdraw their cash. Read the full story here.