SA’s state owned enterprises c

SA’s state owned enterprises could soon be run on a Chinese model, dear leader

According to almost president Cyril Ramaphosa, not all of South Africa’s 700 SOE’s are performing poorly; that said, government believes that we would perform even better if we were to adopt a Chinese model of state ownership.

SA’s state owned enterprises c

Fin24 reports that the deputy president – when questioned by the DA on what government plans to do about underperforming SOE’s – is adamant that not all of our state owned enterprises are a total loss, as we can clearly see by Denel’s stellar performance.

“Some of them are even able to pay a dividend to the fiscus. A few are operating in difficult markets: airlines, post office, energy. These are very difficult markets.”

According to oll’ Cyril, the SA government is studying – better late than never – the Chinese model of state controlled enterprises.

The communists have a rather hard-handed approach to management staff who don’t meet their targets – they are never seen again… kidding, but not really – and as such it seems as if they know what they’re doing.

“We are going to straighten them out and they are going to start performing well,” said Ramaphosa.

The Chinese economy’s phenomenal rise – these days things aren’t as rosy as they used to be though – is mostly due to the government’s dictatorial management of its own enterprises, but South Africa would be hard-pressed to replicate that kind of control.

Anyway, Ramaphosa believes that it’ll work, even though it’s undemocratic, authoritarian and impossible to impose while our current constitution stands.

“China is bound to be the biggest economy in the world. We want to learn from the best. Don’t scoff at the lessons that we can learn from China,” he said, addressing the opposition benches. We have strategic relations with China. They have offered to assist us, they have not offered to dominate us.”

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