Mpumalanga takes “penis envy”

Mpumalanga takes “penis envy” to the next level

A strange crime story unfolding in Mpumalanga earlier this week was cut short – rather literally

Mpumalanga takes “penis envy”

A manhunt has been launched as part of a local police investigation in Mpumalanga, where a 41-year-old male says that a group of men assaulted him – in a bid to castrate his penis.

The crime victim, who prefers to stay anonymous, has stated that he was on his way home from a local drinking establishment earlier this week when four men attacked him, pinning him down and attempting to severe his penis. The police report reads that the attack was only cut short when the man screamed for help, causing the perpetrators to flee the scene while leaving the victim bleeding profusely near the village of Siyabuswa.

However, the story only got more bizarre when one of the attackers was later identified by the community, who quickly ganged up on the perpetrator and successfully castrated him in revenge. Both the victim and the attacker are currently receiving urgent attention at the same medical facility. It is unclear, however, whether doctors have managed to reattach the severed organ on the attacker.

Another attacker was identified in due course of the investigation and is believed to be held in custody. The two remaining suspects remain at large – if they can hold on to their appendages, that is.