Rain floods George

Dangerous overflow in a George central street. Image: @crimeairnetwork / Twitter

Pics and videos: Rain floods in George shock South Africa

Heavy rain floods in George, Western Cape have turned many parts town into a river. Here are some videos and images of the crazy swamping.

Rain floods George

Dangerous overflow in a George central street. Image: @crimeairnetwork / Twitter

Rain floods in George have turned the streets into scenes of riverbanks after a heavy storm fell on Sunday night and Monday morning.


As The South African reported the warning on Saturday, severe thunderstorms were expected in the Western Cape.

Nature has since delivered on its promise with a violent pouring on the Garden Route capital. The freaky event has quickly left South Africans open-mouthed after images and videos of the high water overflow did the rounds via social media.

The hazardous conditions left one family desperate for emergency support. “The GRDM Fire and Rescue Services Unit has been dispatched to help a family who is trapped in their home in Merriman Street, George,” said the Garden Route District Municipality.

Here are some of the wild scenes as shared on socials…



Meanwhile, the local George Municipality has warned citizens to rather be safe than sorry. Locals have been asked to only leave the house if it is absolutely necessary. Going out for no strong reason could simply be looking for trouble and danger.

“FLOOD GENERAL MUNICIPAL UPDATE @ 9.22am – George Municipality is making an urgent appeal for people to stay at home if they can as heavy rain and extensive flooding is causing road closures and other issues across the city,” the note said.

The update was soon followed by an added message to motorists as the George rain floods continue to ravage the town.

“Please drive slowly and cautiously if you must be on the roads or are returning home. Thank you in advance for your cooperation,” the Municipality said.

*This is a developing story.