Presidency: What would YOU tel

Presidency: What would YOU tell the President of South Africa?

Did you know that you can send a message right to the Presidency? Here’s more about how , and where to reach the National hotline.

Presidency: What would YOU tel

The Presidency is the official name for the government departments in charge of South Africa, headed by President Cyril Ramaphosa. He’s one of the most mentioned names in the country – though most people are talking about him, and not to him.

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Did you know that you can send your message directly to President Cyril Ramaphosa?

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The Presidential Hotline exists so that all South Africans can have a direct way to contact the country’s leader.

Here’s more about this very important national hotline, and how to reach the Presidency.

Presidency: What would YOU tell the President of South Africa?

If you have something that you would like to tell the President of South Africa, The Presidency maintains a hotline where anyone can send their messages.

The hotline is for all South Africans to voice their thoughts, compliments, or complaints about the country.


If you’re wondering, service delivery complaints that have been unaddressed through other departments can also be sent straight to the Presidency.

Presidency: The Presidential Hotline

The Presidential hotline exists for all South Africans to have their voice heard, as a message to the president.

Complaints, compliments, and thoughts about the country can be sent to President Ramaphosa via this hotline. Complaints have to be given a reference number, and recorded into the system for future reference, referral, and investigation.

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Do you have something to say about South Africa?

Say it directly to the Presidency at the hotline via 17737.

Messages can also be sent via email to:

More about the presidential hotline

The Presidential hotline is a government resource that anyone can access, at any time.

It exists for ordinary South Africans to send their thoughts directly to higher-level government, without having to go through other departments to voice their cause.

Should you have something to say, it’s your right to say it.