The police have advised Stokvel club members to use banking apps and transfers to pay out funds this festive season. Image via Adobe Stock

Police warn of spike in criminals targeting Stokvel clubs

Stokvel clubs are at high risk of being targeted by criminals this festive season and police have suggested alternative ways to pay members.


The police have advised Stokvel club members to use banking apps and transfers to pay out funds this festive season. Image via Adobe Stock

The police have warned people who run Stokvels, societies and financial clubs to find other ways of sharing or distributing their hard earned cash to avoid become victims of crime this festive season.

SAPS spokesperson for the Free State Brigadier Motantsi Makhele issued the warning about a spike in robberies of Stokvel members on Friday.

He said Stokvel club members had been robbed while on their way home after making huge withdrawals or while they are busy sharing their dividends from banks at their homes.

“In one incident on the 07 December 2021 at about 11:00 53 year old member of the club of Thabong Lusaka, alleged that she went to the bank at Setsing to withdraw their stockvel money she was with two of their members,” Makhekle said.

“They withdrew R 71 000, 00 and returned back home on a taxi . On their way, one of the members asked to be dropped at Lusaka near shopping complex,” he said.

He said that the complainant and another Stovel member went home and found other stockvel women waiting for them outside the house. 

“The complainant entered in the house and drank water. Suddenly she heard other ladies screaming outside,” he said.

Makhele said the women then went outside and saw two robbers holding up the women and robbing them of their handbags. 

“One of the men entered the house and ordered her to give him her handbag which was contained the stockvel money they had just collected from the bank. The handbag fell down and the man took it,” Makhele said.

In another incident earlier this month on 03 December 2021 at 11:30 52 year old member of another different club of Molapo village alleged that he was from a bank in Setsing with his sister where they withdrew money amount to R51 800, 00 for their club. 

They had just alighted from the taxi at Matheadira stop, when they realised that there there were two men standing behind them. The men held them up at gunpoint and demanded the woman’s handbag. 

“His sister threw the bag to a nearby grape tree and one guy got the bag and while searching it, the other one was still pointing them with a firearm. After that they took the bag and went away and his sister followed them,” he said.

He said one of the suspects fired a shot that hit the woman on the right upper arm.

Police warn Stokvel members to use alternative payment methods

“South African Police Service urge stockvel members to avoid carrying large sums of money from the bank on their own and to rather use bank transfers instead of withdrawing cash from the bank to share it amongst themselves,” Makhele said.

“Another safer method is to use banking applications that banks advise their members to load it on their phones so that they can easily transfer money amongst themselves in the comfort of their homes,” he said,

He also advised people not to draw cash at the ATM but to rather swipe bank cards to pay for groceries. 

“Those who will be receiving their hard earned bonuses, must by all means avoid large sums of withdrawals, in or outside the bank at the ATM,” he said.