Patricia de Lille predicts out

Patricia de Lille predicts outright majority for Democratic Alliance in Cape Town

Patricia de Lille was feeling confident after South Africa’s polls closed followed the local government elections on Wednesday.

Patricia de Lille predicts out

With polling stations now officially closed, except for those who might still be in a queue somewhere, you can expect results to start trickling in from around 21:00. We won’t know the results for the major metros until tomorrow morning, though, so don’t wait up.

It hasn’t, however, stopped politicians from making predictions.

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille has predicted the Democratic Alliance to win by an outright majority in Cape Town. She said parties were tolerant to each other at the voting stations, and it was “lovely” as she waited at the IEC results centre in Cape Town.

“There were a few glitches here and there but I think in general it was well handled,” said De Lille. She predicted an “outright majority” for the DA in the metro.

“I definitely know it is going to be more than 50%.”

If this is the case she will have another term as mayor of Cape Town.