untitled graves google maps viral photos

Image via Google Maps

No, Google Maps didn’t capture two ‘freshly buried’ men in graves

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this…

untitled graves google maps viral photos

Image via Google Maps

A new viral image is doing the rounds on social media. The image reportedly shows two men laying in freshly dug graves, seemingly dead. It’s new a photo, in fact.

The photo was first shared on Reddit back in 2018 and is as sinister as may appear. Here’s what we know.

Google Maps: Men in graves

There are now other items or ‘props’ visible in the image: no shovels, tools, casket or other people. In addition, one grave is larger than the other, seeming “custom-dug” for the men.

Eagle-eyed Redditors soon discovered that the image was taken (via satellite, of course) in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. For three years, the origins of the image remained a mystery.

Both mean are wearing jeans and white T-shirts. Now, a new report shed light on the sinister snapshot. Harriet Mallinson from Express explains that it is nothing more than a piece of art:

“The men – a married couple – are in the process of carrying out a piece of performance art and no one knows how the image ended up on Google Maps.”

Mallinson goes on to explain that “the performance art piece was called ‘Untitled (Graves)’ by the Chicago-based collaborators Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger”.

According to the couple’s website, Miller and Shellabarger dug “two holes close together, deep and large enough for each man to lie in”. They also dug a small tunnel between the holes.

The tunnel “enabled them to hold hands while lying in the graves”. The principal of Western Exhibitions art gallery Scott Speh told The Express:

“This iteration of the piece was completed in Portland, Oregon as part of the Time Based Arts Festival put on by the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art.”