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What would you do in this situation? Photos: video screenshot

Hair in the air: Woman invades personal space on flight [WATCH]

A woman with long locks recently let down her hair whilst on board a plane – right onto another passenger’s tray table. Watch…

hair tiktok

What would you do in this situation? Photos: video screenshot

Hair, hair – EVERYWHERE

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair” was taken quite literally by one woman recently, when she decided to let down her long locks right onto the tray table of the person behind her.

A viral TikTok video that has now gotten over six million views, was posted by a passenger on board a plane and shows the (some might say ‘ignorant’) woman draping her long, long tresses over the back of her seat during a flight from Athens to Amsterdam.

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The video creator, Julie Christensen, a food blogger and solo traveller, ironically captioned the video “The joy of traveling.”, also saying “I wish this was staged”.

According to reports, Christensen told the Mirror: “It was so weird – she started draping her hair over immediately, and she was being very normal about it.

“I didn’t see her face at all and she didn’t acknowledge me. I just looked at the guy next to me and he laughed.” she added.

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Watch the TikTok video below:

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What would you have done?

While you may have your own idea of what you would have done in the situation, TikTok users commented a few hilarious, somewhat mischievous suggestions.

Andy Wardrop said: “Close your table and let her try and move.”

BeeTokkk added: “scissors ✂️😂”

els_chen said: “Call the Stewardess 😉they always have a gum or candy 😉”

Gina Ke198 playfully added: “There are several YouTube videos that are just the sounds of scissors cutting hair.”