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Local Elections 2021: Here’s how to find your nearest polling station

Finding your nearest voting station on 1 November will make casting your vote in the 2021 elections that much easier. Here’s how to do it.


Photo: IEC Facebook

Don’t know where your nearest voting station is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to find your station. 

Across the country, all 23 146 voting stations will be open from 7am-9pm.

Voters who have moved house since the last election and those with incorrect, incomplete, or missing addresses must update their details.

Check online through the IEC website:

The ‘My voter registration portal on the IEC website will provide you with all the information you need. All you need to do is input your ID number. The IEC will then tell you:

  • Your eligibility to vote
  • Your voting station details

Check via SMS:

You can also check on your registration status by SMSing your ID Number to 32810. Like the online portal, your response from the IEC will confirm your eligibility to vote and list your designated station.

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Additionally, registered voters can still amend their registration details through the “Click, Check, Confirm” functionality on the IEC website.

To register as a voter, you must be: 

• At least 16 years old.

• A South African citizen.

• In possession of a valid South African ID document, either a green barcoded ID book or a smartcard ID.

As someone registering to vote eligible voters will have to visit the voting station in person. A proof of address (e.g. in the form of a utility account) is not required for registration.

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At the voting station, eligible voters will fill out a registration form and have their ID scanned.

How to find your voting station:

The IEC website experiences a massive upswell in traffic on Election Day as voters make the last-minute rush to check on their registration details. 

Go to the Voting Station Finder and search for your current home address. 

On the map, locate the voting district number (blue digits within the green borders of your district – see below). 

Local Elections 2021
Photo: IEC

Compare the voting district number here to your registration details – if they’re not the same, you need to re-register in your new voting district. 

If for any reason, you can’t access the website to check your registration details, we suggest you use the SMS service previously described.

If those methods fail – or if you’re voting outside of your designated district – here are the lists of all voting stations in South Africa. Click on your province below to download a PDF – you can then use the search function to identify your nearest station.