Fikile Mbalula ANC interview

Photo: GCIS

Watch: Mbalula caught ‘lying about ANC promises’ in disastrous TV interview

File this under ’embarrassing’: A tough line of questioning and some quick-fire editing left ANC minister Fikile Mbalula exposed this week.

Fikile Mbalula ANC interview

Photo: GCIS

Fikile Mbalula has an important role to play in the run-up to the Local Elections – but the Transport Minister didn’t cover himself in glory during a TV interview with JJ Tabane this week. Mbaks was, quite comprehensively, called out for telling mistruths about promises made by the ANC to woo the voters.

Fikile Mbalula in car-crash interview

Two years ago, a spate of protests put the Alexandra township in Gauteng front and centre of the political agenda. The residents’ cries for better service delivery and more housing piqued the interest of Cyril Ramaphosa, who rushed to Alex to give a rousing speech about improving the everyday lives of the long-suffering locals.

However, since 2019, not much has changed – and President Ramaphosa’s vow to build ‘one million more houses’ in Alexandra has fallen comically flat. Tabane challenged Mbalula about this, asking why progress has been so slow.

Watch: Was Fikile Mbalula lying about ANC promises?

In his response, the minister said that the ‘one million houses target was a figment of the imagination’. But unfortunately for Mbalula, this is the 21st century, video technology exists, and the promise he said was imaginary… absolutely wasn’t.

How will the ANC perform in the 2021 Elections?

The Local Elections will take place on Monday 1 November, and the ANC knows this year will be unlike any other. Public trust is slipping in the ruling party, and it’s now doubtful that they will secure over 50% of the vote nationally. Not even Fikile Mbalula himself could put a positive spin on that…

They may have to rely on coalition partners to help stay in control of certain metros and municipalities – but one potential kingmaker has ruled out any agreement that will prop up an ANC government. Herman Mashaba, leader of ActionSA, says the 109-year-old organisation is the only party he WOULD NOT form an alliance with.