bridezilla bachelorette

This bridezilla wants a second bachelorette party. Image via Unsplash

Lady baffled after ex-husband’s new GF asks to wear her wedding dress!

A woman was left shook after her ex-husband’s new partner asked if she could wear her wedding dress to their wedding!

bridezilla bachelorette

This bridezilla wants a second bachelorette party. Image via Unsplash

How would you react if your ex-husband’s new girlfriend wanted to wear your wedding dress to her wedding? One woman was left truly baffled after her ex’s new partner asked her for that favour. According to the Reddit post, she said no but no before enduring verbal abuse from the woman who became angry.

Ex-husband’s new girlfriend wants to wear the ex-wife’s wedding dress

An anonymous woman must be regretting her decision to stay friends with her ex-husband and his new partner after the partner tried to take advantage of the friendship.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote how her ex’s new girlfriend asked her if she could please wear her wedding dress to their wedding which they had been planning.

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“I guess she saw some old pictures of me in my wedding dress and has been raving about how pretty my dress is. The other day we had coffee together and she brought up getting married soon. I told her how happy I was for her.

“Things changed though when she asked if she could wear MY wedding dress. I was really shocked she even asked. I immediately told her that I was flattered, but no. She immediately got extremely pouty and started to ask why. I explained that I just wasn’t comfortable with her wearing my dress to marry my ex-husband.”

Causing a scene

The Redditor then explains how the woman caused a scene after she said no and then stormed out of the coffee shop. The woman further accused her of being jealous about her ex’s new relationship.

“She has been having her friends and family call me and my work calling me an a**hole for not ‘sharing’ and claiming that I’m not over him, so am just doing this to ruin her wedding.”

Other Redditors quickly headed to the comment section to ensure her that she is not the a**hole for saying no. Others advised her to establish some boundaries with the ex and his new partner.

“You’re not the a**hole, but for your mental health, I think you should be establishing some boundaries too with your ex,” she wrote.

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