The JRA has encouraged Sandton residents to continue logging road issues. Image: Flickr

Johannesburg Roads Agency sheds light on ‘what is causing potholes’

The Johannesburg Road Agency recently shed light on how a popular road in Sandton became riddled with potholes.


The JRA has encouraged Sandton residents to continue logging road issues. Image: Flickr

The Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) has issued a response to complaints about the condition of Achter Road in Sandton.

Khayalethu Gqibitole, the acting regional operations head at JRA, has said the potholes are caused by water leaks. He assured the public, however, that this water damage is routinely inspected and repaired.

“It is actually the water leak that created a pothole on the road,” Gqibitole told the Sandton Chronicle.

“Alternatively, excavations to repair water pipes can damage the road surface, though these areas are later repaired or reinstated.”

“The JRA is aware of the reinstatements through routine inspections and communication with Joburg Water as well as through the wayleave process.”

Collaboration with Johannesburg Water

Gqibitole said that the JRA have been working together with Johannesburg Water to repair roads in the city that have needed reinstatements.

Road reinstatement is the process of restoring a road’s surface, or infrastructure, after it has been excavated or damaged, ensuring that it is safe and functional for use.

Gqibitole conceded that finding contractors to do the work has been a challenge, and this has affected progress in carrying out these reinstatements.

“The JRA in-house teams are currently working on reinstatements in various regions,” he added.

“The impact will probably be seen as soon as the contractors have been appointed.”

Gqibitole has encouraged Sandton residents to continue logging road issues that they may find in their areas.

Should the Roads Agency fix your potholes if you live in a gated community?

The JRA has also received enquiries about whether or not the entity is responsible for road management inside gated communities.

JRA spokesperson Bertha Peters-Scheepers said the cases varied, and depended on whether a road falls within a gated community, or a private estate.

“The JRA is responsible for maintaining council-owned roads and as such, the JRA is responsible for maintaining roads inside gated communities,” she said.

“Privately-owned gated private estate roads are not maintained by the JRA as the roads fall outside our jurisdiction.”

She further noted that communities inside privately owned estates may request JRA services through a service-level agreement.

“Or they may request to have their pot holes repaired by their contractor or preferred person via their landlord or developer,” Peters-Scheepers added.