ANC corruption

IFP accuses ANC of bussing in supporters for voter registration

The ANC denies accusations made by and IFP hostel leader who claims that the ruling party bussed supporters to register for the upcoming local government elections in Diepkloof.

ANC corruption

According to Mxolisi Thusini, “the ANC has previously brought its people travelling in buses and taxis to vote here.”

“Yesterday I was alerted that the ANC had planned to bring its people for registration again, but unfortunately when the bus arrived this morning at 7, I was already here to monitor.”

“The driver said he was hired and had been instructed to collect all the ANC members to go register at Mbuyafuthi. That’s where they will also slaughter a cow and celebrate after registration,” Thusini said.

“That is the problem we have. We need to know what the IEC is planning to do in order to stop the ruling party from stealing votes.”

One of eNCA’s reporters tried to get a response from the ANC regarding the allegations by the IFP.

“I tried to speak to the ANC person that they said is in charge in this area, asking him about the claims made by the IFP,” eNCA reporter Malungelo Booi  said.

“The gentleman immediately ran to the bus and he refused to talk to me.”

According to Booi, the police were already in the area, looking into Thusini’s allegations against the ANC. The ANC later that day rubbished the allegations.

“It’s not true. Let me explain the reasons behind the bus,” Sello Morere, ANC Johannesburg regional secretary told eNCA.

“What they decided to do is have a roving bus that will assist them to ensure that all our members in the hostels are registered. The bus arrived in Dipekloof empty, it was just to check who has registered and who has not registered, and at the same time you’ll find that other members are registered in other hostels as a result of the continuous movement in hostel dwellers.”

“So it’s to identify who has registered and secondly check if the person is still registered in another hostel so that those people can be moved to where they are supposed to have been registered.”

Morere said that the ANC had no reason to be worried about its chances heading in to the this year’s local government elections.

“As you enter the campaigning period, all sorts of things will be said by all sorts of people. I’m giving you the facts of what happened today,” Morere said.

“We have no reason to bus people in ward 24. The ward is an  ANC stronghold.”