ANCYL looks out of place in Do

ANCYL looks out of place in Dobsonville

Johannesburg – ANC Youth League president Collen Maine and his entourage showed up in a number of luxury vehicles while on a mission to mobilise the youth to register to vote in Soweto on Saturday.

ANCYL looks out of place in Do

While they interacted with the youth of the dusty streets in Dobsonville, their opulent living was spelled out in the parking bays at a local franchise store.

From the latest BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volvo vehicles, Maine and his followers seemed out of place while occasionally conversing with local street vendors.

One of the two Mercedes Benz C Class models which formed part of Maine’s convoy cost a little under R500 000.

The ANC members were dressed in the usual ANC T-shirts and donned expensive sunglasses. On occasion they showed off the fierce power of their vehicles when moving from one venue to another.

Maine was accompanied by his personal umbrella holder to fend off the blistering heat. The youth league leader said he would be heading to University of Johannesburg to continue his mission to mobilise the youth to vote.

Maine said he was confident that the ANC would win the local elections but admitted that there were challenges faced by ANC led municipalities.

Communities are saying ANC how can we vote for you when you can’t do the basic things and I agree with them. I went to a playground here, it’s very dirty. It does not need a tender it just needs a municipality to come and clean, councillors that we are putting up should really look at servicing our communities,” he said.