citizenship second passports

(Photo – Walter Jackson)

Home Affairs could be taking your personal data and selling it to the highest bidder very soon…

You can also expect increased charges for your identity documents

citizenship second passports

(Photo – Walter Jackson)

Cast your mind back to Thursday, when Jacob Zuma was worming his way out of tough questioning with his sassy put-downs and chuckles.

Some of us were laughing with him or at him. The rest of us were bemused as to how this is what parliamentary discussion has become. But very few of us picked up on what he said about government plans to create a ‘National Social Security Fund’:

“The fund will serve as a single platform through which all workers can make regular social security contributions while they are still working to avoid falling into poverty in the event of retirement or disability. All income earners will be required to participate, and this will foster social solidarity”

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At first, nothing sounds sinister about the initiative. But if you scratch the surface, you start to see what’s lurking underneath.

The NSSF has been proposed in a 31-page discussion document, which aims to combine national security and identity management into a single Home Affairs department.

This is where the party starts…

Under the NSSF, fees currently charged for IDs, passports and birth/death certificates will increase to benefit Home Affairs.

On top of that, it has been proposed that any day-to-day transactions requiring proof of identity will carry an additional surcharge of up to R4 that goes to the department via biometric technology.

These small charges will go towards social security to provide mandatory contributions to each person’s pension. Any bank transactions, school registrations or even hospital check-ins could cost you a few rand at a time. This might not be a major issue, but the financial side isn’t the whole story…

Your private information will be up for sale to third parties:

“Applications will be made through various front-office channels that are user-friendly and fully digitised. Channels might be online or provided by third parties trained by the DHA, such as other departments or banks.

The sale of identity services and products are another large revenue stream, with potential partners including GPW, the CSIR and private sector companies.”

Yikes. Some very personal details could be available to the highest bidder.

On 30 June, the ANC’s National Executive Committee will meet to review ANC policy. This is going to be high on their agenda.