Read: COPE’s reaction to the #


Read: COPE’s reaction to the #PrisonStrippers saga is simply hilarious

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Read: COPE’s reaction to the #


On Monday we reported on the news that strippers were used to entertain prisoners during a youth day celebration. The reaction from the public has been as disbelieving as you would expect, the reaction from some opposition parties though, has been rather hilarious.

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Congress of the People, better known as COPE have released a statement on the stripper incident, the subject line of the email alone is exceptionally funny.

Well, it is a fair question after all. Not a question that many would be able to answer though, especially in terms of prisoners. As the party continued their statement, things got back to press release normality.

“The constitution of the country provides that all prisons in the country uphold human rights enshrined in Chapter 2.

However, it is inconceivable how it is a human rights issue for the Johannesburg Prison (Sun City) to grant prisoners such a privilege to have strippers at the prison?

It is a slap on the faces of taxpayers who most don’t get the kind of privileges that these prisoners afforded by the Correctional Services.

Minister Michael Masutha must provide an explanation to the nation if prisoners are entertained in this manner with taxpayers’ money, and what is rehabilitating about strippers, is it some sort of therapy which South Africans were not filled in on?”

So while government continues to investigate how the hell strippers even got invited to a prison, we as South Africans can all focus (thanks to COPE) on the REAL question here. What is rehabilitating about strippers?