Corrie Pretorius Groblersdal

Court has denied Corrie Pretorius bail. – Photo: Screenshots

JUST IN: Corrie Pretorius, who viciously attacked a teenager DENIED bail

The Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court has denied Corrie Pretorius who was filmed viciously attacking a teenager bail.

Corrie Pretorius Groblersdal

Court has denied Corrie Pretorius bail. – Photo: Screenshots

The Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court has denied the bail application of Corrie Pretorius, the man who was filmed assaulting and pointing a gun at a 16-year-old.

Pretorius, who applied for bail last week Friday, was filmed viciously attacking, kicking, and stomping a defenceless teenager while brandishing a gun. He is facing a charge of assault and pointing a firearm.


The State opposed bail for Pretorius on the grounds that should he be granted bail, the community will not take well to it. However, Pretorius’ legal team claimed his life is in danger. 

Pretorius was allegedly abused while in custody. He said he was deeply traumatised by what had transpired in prison and was faced with the constant threat of a life-ending attack in prison. 

Giving the ruling, the Magistrate said in the interest of justice, Pretorius should not be granted bail. The case was postponed to 6 September 2022.


The Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court allowed the application brought by the defence to reopen the bail application. 

Advocate JJ Venter who represents Pretorius referred to a statement by an eyewitness he claimed he received on Tuesday night and was only confirmed on Wednesday morning. 

In the statement, the witness detailed how the complainant provoked the accused. 

Corrie Pretorius
Corrie Pretorius and Advocate JJ Venter. Image via Twitter/@Tshegohaco_Moagi

“When the accused received his order, the complainant requested a chip. The accused told the complainant he ordered his own food and must leave him alone. The complainant then reached into the accused’s food. 

“From what I heard and understood the complainant swore at the accused and laughed. The accused grabbed the complainant by his breast and pushed him outside the shop.” 

Eyewitness statement

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