Cape independence Afriforum

Africa’s best city : Cape Town. Image: Getty Images

Free the Cape? DA, AfriForum now want provinces to ‘hold referendums’

If more powers are given to provinces so they can hold independent referendums, it may accelerate the cause for ‘Cape independence’.

Cape independence Afriforum

Africa’s best city : Cape Town. Image: Getty Images

Could this be the start of a very significant domino effect? AfriForum and the DA are both submitting legal bids to bring more power to provincial governments in South Africa, with the express intention of allowing local leaders to ‘hold more referendums’ – on matters that are important and relevant to the region.

AfriForum sounding out ‘autonomy’ for the south-west

Kallie Kriel has sought public opinion on AfriForum’s position, asking his followers on Twitter about ‘Cape Autonomy’. The group’s CEO is weighing up an approach to ConCourt on the matter, specifically with the Western Cape in mind.

Needless to say, the campaign has already caught the attention of ‘Cape Independence’ enthusiasts…

DA seek more ‘provincial referendums’ – without mentioning Cape independence

The campaign for a ‘CapeXit’ has been rumbling on for a few years. Backers of the movement want the DA-controlled province to make a clean break from the rest of Mzansi, but the proposal is highly controversial.

Although AfriForum are skirting around the idea of a free and independent Western Cape, the DA is playing things with a much straighter bat. Natasha Mazzone, the party’s chief whip, did issue a statement relating only to the need for devolution in ALL NINE provinces of South Africa – and they’re hoping to make real progress in the months ahead.

“The DA notes Afriforum’s plans to approach the Constitutional Court in an effort to force Parliament to change the country’s referendum legislation to give premiers legislative powers to call for referendums. We appreciate that. Our Private Members Bill was gazetted, and thousands of supportive inputs were received during the public comment stage.”

“The DA has long fought for our principle of federalism and the devolution of power to provinces. The next step for us and the parliamentary law advisors will be to study the comments, allowing us to finalize the draft Bill. We will continue to fight for a power shift to provinces to better address service delivery and other issues of their residents.”