Rea Vaya

Image: Rea Vaya/Twitter

Johannesburg: Rea Vaya buses return after week-long protests

The Rea Vaya bus service has announced a return to operation. Commuters were left stranded after service delivery protesters blocked roads.

Rea Vaya

Image: Rea Vaya/Twitter

Rea Vaya bus commuters can now enjoy the public bus service after public protests ravaged major roads in Soweto. The bus company announced the news via social media on Tuesday 21 September.

The most affected areas were the entry and exit gates at the Dobsonville depot.

Image via: @ReaVayaBus / Twitter


Rea Vaya buses were forced to leave the roads after service delivery protests disrupted traffic. The public witnessed barricaded roads from Wednesday 15 September up to Monday 20 September, especially the Dobsonville depot entry and exit points.

The protest put many citizens under pressure to find alternative ways to get to work or school. The Johannesburg Municipality initially sent out a statement to confirm that buses were out of service last week.

“NOTICE: Service delivery protest in progress along Soweto motorway near Ghost Town Station, Rea Vaya buses have been diverted,” the company said.

Another update was published on Friday 17 September.

“UPDATE: The situation remains the same in Soweto, Rea Vaya buses are still diverted,” the city said.

“Rea Vaya advises passengers that buses are unable to operate as protesters have blocked the entrance and exit points of the Dobsonville depot. We apologise for the inconvenience and will provide feedback,” another announcement said on Monday 20 September.

Image via: @ReaVayaBus / Twitter


The service was finally confirmed to be back in full swing on Tuesday morning 21 September and the city was so relieved to be able to inform commuters that they could resume their usual travels.

“Rea Vaya bus service is now back to normal, the service is fully operating, we appreciate your patience and travel safely,” it said.

“Bus service is currently running smoothly, our service operates from 5:00 to 21:00 weekdays, plan your journey with us and don’t forget to wear your mask.”