Cracks in ANC’s tripartite all

Cracks in ANC’s tripartite alliance deepen as SACP lashes out at ‘guptarisation’ of state

South African Communist Party leader Blade Nzimande has spoken out against the Guptas and their close relationship with the state.

Cracks in ANC’s tripartite all

Nzimande condemnation of the infamous Gupta family comes shortly after the release of the State of Capture report; which implicates everyone from Eskom CEO Brian Molefe to cabinet ministers and obviously president Zuma himself in shady dealings with the Guptas.

Nzimande called on those South Africans who care for their country to take a stand against “the monopolisation and guptarisation” of South Africa, pitting him against his alliance partners in the ANC.

The communist leader accused the ‘toxic’ Gupta family of undermining our democracy and said the family’s reported influence over the state is a problem.

 “The Guptas are not our answer to monopoly capital. The answer to monopoly capital is a stronger working class in this country,” Nzimande said.

“We as the SACP have also raised the issues of what we call the ‘parasitic bourgeoisie’ that is seeking to cut through the state and the very problematic role being played by the Gupta family.”