Johannesburg substation eldorado

Photo: Twitter/@CityPowerJhb

‘Coordinated sabotage’: Johannesburg mayor on substation fires

The fire in the Eldorado Park substation interrupted not only electricity but water supply for parts of Johannesburg.

Johannesburg substation eldorado

Photo: Twitter/@CityPowerJhb

City of Johannesburg Mayor, Mpho Phalatse says the recent spate of substation fires in the metro are due to vandalism. On Saturday, a fire was reported at a substation in Eldorado Park.

Recently, parts of Johannesburg have been without electricity due to substation fires and cable theft incidents. 


The mayor reportedly received reports from the City Power security guards on the Eldorado Park substation fire

Phalatse said she had been informed that there was a van that came 20 minutes before the incident started and it was unclear who they were and what they were doing. 

She said the incidents are starting to look like sabotage. 

“If you take this and the fact that we have had  so many other incidents such as tunnel fires, cable theft in different parts of Johannesburg, it is clear that this is all part of a coordinated sabotage of this administration,” she said.

Phalatse said there is a broader sabotage agenda that does not only affect Eldorado Park but the entire City of Johannesburg. 

The damage caused by the fire at Eldorado Park substation. Photo: Twitter/@CityPowerJhb

To make matters worse, the Eldorado Park substation fire interrupted water supply to other areas. 

Areas such as Sophiatown, Westdene, Coronationville and parts of Melville have been without water for nearly four days.

Johannesburg Water said a fire at the Orlando Station affected power at the Eikenhof substation thus interrupting water supply.

“Water supply has been negatively impacted and the Roodeport areas including Hursthill have run dry. Although a team has been dispatched to site, areas in the Randburg, Lenasia and Soweto will soo be affected. Johannesburg Water urges customers to use water sparingly as City Power attends to these challenges.”

Johannesburg Water

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