Capetonian Jenna Lowe receives

Capetonian Jenna Lowe receives two new lungs after struggling with rare disease

Jenna Lowe has received a perfect match after being listed for a bilateral lung transplant this year. She may just make it to her own 21st birthday, as she said she had hoped for in her #GetMeTo21 campaign

Capetonian Jenna Lowe receives

At age 17, Capetonian Jenna Lowe was diagnosed with a rare lung disease (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension) and was listed for a bilateral lung transplant earlier this year. After hearing the news, a now 20-year-old Jenna set up the #GetMeTo21 campaign in the hopes of attracting organ donors.

Over 8000 South Africans signed up to become organ donors through her campaign. Earlier this week, the Lowe family received news that a perfect donor match had been found. The family immediately got on a plane to Johannesburg and Jenna has since undergone surgery.

Jenna’s mother Gabi posted the following to Facebook on 11 December:

Gabi Lowe's status

The family are currently with Jenna in hospital and unavailable for comment. No information is available about the donor. The next few weeks will be critical for the Lowe family.

Lowe Family
Jenna, Stuart and Kristi Lowe

The first 72 hours after surgery are crucial and doctors will be monitoring to see if there are any dysfunctions in the new lungs. If all goes well the surgery should significantly extend her life.

Photos from Jenna Lowe’s websites