CloudFlare CDN now in South Africa

CloudFare’s new data centre in Johannesburg can decrease latency in South Africa from over 300ms to as low as 3ms. What is CloudFare all about?


Content delivery network and domain name server distributor CloudFare has just touched down in Johannesburg and set up their first data centre in Africa.

Internet penetration, IXP deployment, broadband subscription and overall available bandwidth in Africa are considerably lower than the rest of the world.

CloudFare’s Jo’burg data centre promises to improve the performance of sites on CloudFare for Internet users across all of Southern Africa and beyond. There will be a significant performance improvement when using CloudFare to visit any site or mobile application.

Basically, Cloudflare speeds and improves accessibility of websites and apps.

Previously all CloudFare traffic delivered to Africa was served from CloudFare’s London, Amsterdam and Hong Kong data centres with round tip latency of 200 to 350ms.

Since the introduction of the Johannesburg data centre, latency measurements conducted by CloudFare have revealed latency in South Africa to have decreased from over 300ms to as low as 3ms.

The same can be seen for the network of Telkom where latency decreased from 200ms to approximately 13ms. In Zambia the decrease have been from 200ms to 28ms and in Kenya, from 150ms to 71ms.