National Dam levels by province

Clanwilliam dam, July 2018 – (Nelis Engelbrecht / @Reenval SA)

Cape Town dams: Midweek update sees water levels climb once more

Cape Town is edging closer to ending its drought.

National Dam levels by province

Clanwilliam dam, July 2018 – (Nelis Engelbrecht / @Reenval SA)

Crisis? What crisis? Okay, it’s too early to get cocky over the day zero situation, but the recent recovery of the Cape Town dams is something to smile about.

After a seventh consecutive week of increases were recorded on Monday, the City of Cape Town revealed on Thursday that dam levels have improved even more over the last few days.

Cape Town dams: Water levels for 12 July

  • Theewaterskloof dam – Up to 39.4% from 39.0%.
  • Voëlvlei dam – Up to 53.1% from 51.4%.
  • Bergriver Dam – Up to 83.7% from 83.1%.
  • Wemmershoek – Stays the same at 83.3%

Anton Bredell, the minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape says the good rains are having an incredible impact already.

“Only weeks ago Clanwilliam dam was below 10%. The dam, one of the biggest in the province is full and the sluices were opened over the past weekend. An incredible turnaround.”

Theewaterskloof, Berg River and both Steenbras dams have seen improvement over the last seven days. But their recovery perhaps pales into significance when compared with Clanwilliam’s, in the north of the region.

Bredell says the cold weather and good snowfall in many mountain ranges are also a good sign as the melting snow and thawing in the coming months will further assist in replenishing water sources.

“We want to continue to urge the public to save water and to ensure that the changes we have seen in water usage become permanent changes. This drought we have tackled will not be the last drought we will see moving forward.

“Long-term behaviour change, better resource management and a growing resilience to these shocks are going to be vital moving forward.”

When will it rain again in Cape Town?

This midweek reading does not include the rain that fell in Cape Town on Thursday.

With more showers on their way over the weekend, the region can expect to see yet another boost to their water levels next week, marking two months of solid improvements. Whoever’s been leading the rain dances out in the Cape, we salute you.