Green Point Lighthouse Haunted

Flickr/ Richard Tanswell

Friday the 13th: Creepy footage of Green Point Lighthouse to weird you out [video]

Green Point Lighthouse is supposedly haunted by a one-legged man and once upon a time, a group of paranormal investigators claim to have caught him speaking on camera.

Green Point Lighthouse Haunted

Flickr/ Richard Tanswell

We’ll start off this post by saying that we’re sceptical. But, it’s Friday the 13th so we’ll get into the spirit of things. Ha ha. Spirit. Geddit?

Cape Town, and South Africa, is packed with creepy ghost stories of visitors (friendly and not so much) lingering where they once lived. The Green Point Lighthouse is one of the most famous “haunted” sites in the Mother City.

It was first built in the early 1800s and is one of the most recognised beacons along the promenade. But while it looks pretty in daylight, it gets a bit weirder after dark.

For many years, rumours have long swirled that the tower often visited by the spirit of a one-legged man by the name of W.S – or “Daddy West”, who is believed to have once worked at the lighthouse.

While nobody has actually seen this spook, back in 2014, the Cape Town Paranormal Investigations Unit (yes, there is such a thing!) came back with this video they claim offers evidence of something sinister being afoot.

The premises is quite large, but there was one room that gave the crew a creepy feeling. In their investigation report, they wrote:

With both investigators and the EWN reporter assembled in that room on the second floor, we began the EVP session, asking questions, trying to incite responses. The room was quiet apart from the continuous groan of the dioptics above.

I began mentioning to the EWN reporter that carrying out investigations is certainly not “action packed” like one sees on popular American ghost hunting shows, but more a case of sitting around, listening and documenting. In most cases, investigators can carry out many investigations and turn up empty-handed.

Upon review, though, things changed. The team noted:

Much to our surprise during review of the evidence, we caught something on the Voice-Recorder as well as the handheld Night-shot camera that we could not explain. A voice. Could it be Daddy West? We had been pleading for him to come forward and make his presence known. See the clip across, and see for yourself!

To ensure the validity of this evidence, we had two cameras rolling along with the Digital Audio recorder. That includes our handheld Night Shot Camcorder and the Reporters Night-Shot camera. The Reporter can confirm that the room was quiet, and that we did not hear this disembodied voice at the time.

And that’s where this video crops up.

Watch: A spook speaks at Green Point Lighthouse

Look, we’ll mention again… we remain a bit sceptical… but it’s Friday the 13th… and if this kind of thing floats your boat, check out the Cape Town Paranormal Instagram account.