Powerball dividends winner

PowerBall Dividends. Photo: Unsplash

Powerball winner ‘has one week to claim jackpot’ – or they’ll LOSE R7.5m!

The clock is ticking for one hap-hazard Powerball winner, who’s yet to claim a huge cash prize – but what happens if a jackpot is unclaimed?

Powerball dividends winner

PowerBall Dividends. Photo: Unsplash

This feels like a living nightmare: Imagine getting the winning numbers right on the Powerball draw – defying odds of millions-to-one – only to somehow miss out on claiming the prize. This horror scenario is set to become a reality for one unfortunate South African.

Powerball winner ‘could miss out on R7.5 million prize’

Lottery officials have confirmed that one player now has just nine days – up until Saturday 9 July – to claim a whopping R7.5 million jackpot, from a draw made almost exactly one year ago. After 356 days, time is now rapidly running out for this unknown victor.

Anyone who can recall buying a Powerball ticket on this date is urged to check their numbers once more. Ithuba, the operator of the mega-money competition, has released a set of details about the wayward winner:

  • The ticket was purchased at a Spar Gorgeous store in the Eastern Cape.
  • The unwitting would-be millionaire is believed to be local to the town of Beaufort.
  • If the person comes forward, they will be entitled to R7 471 539.30 in prize money. It’s not to be sniffed at!
  • The winning numbers are as follows | PowerBall Plus: 05, 14, 25, 26, 44 Powerball: 08

What happens to unclaimed jackpots?

Winners have exactly 365 days from the date of the draw to claim their winnings. There is no other protocol for those who miss this deadline – if you leave it more than a year, the commission will not recognise your numbers as a winning ticket. So it’s best not to dawdle.

Once the deadline has been missed, the money is then withheld by Ithuba. They then distribute millions between various charities, ensuring the huge sum of cash finds a worthy home. Unclaimed jackpots do not get put back into the prize fund – it is meant to benefit the less fortunate ONLY.